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Ombre / Powder Brow

Ombré Brow is a technique that creates a natural brow with a slightly darker tail and a lighter front. It’s not as bold as you may think. Healed results will leave a soft and fluffy natural looking brow. You can also build an ombre brow up to create a more make-up look. Every treatment is tailored to each individual, in order to ensure that we can create your desired look. 

Ombré is a great treatment for all skin types. Also, a great option if you suffer from oily skin.

Ombre/Powder brow method gives a soft wash of colour to the brows (no hair strokes) similar to a lightly applied brow pencil. Traditional Ombre is a much heavier applicaton resulting in a very pigmented brow, becoming lighter towards the front of the brow.  We would recommend a powder brow to start with for a lovely natural wash of colour, more pigment can always be added at the control session.


Touch up session 8 to 12 weeks $119 60mins


Touch up session 12 weeks to 18 months $249 90mins
Brow Colour Correction $649 180mins

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