ASAP Ultimate Platinum Collection


With every treatment product you could ever need from the Australian skincare heroes at asap skincare – this is the ultimate gifting box for someone you love

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The ultimate swag bag of asap loveliness. With every treatment product you could ever need from the Australian skincare heroes at asap skincare – this is the ultimate gifting box for someone you love – even if that someone is you.

What’s included in the asap Ultimate Platinum Collection?

  • super A+ serum 15mL

asap super a+ serum is a revolutionary overnight revitalising treatment serum that promotes skin renewal and collagen production. The asap super a+ serum will help to reduce the appearance of sun damage and pigmentation, while visibly improving skin tone and texture.

  • super B complex 15mL

Fight the signs of aging whilst flooding skin with hydration with the Asap Super B Complex. An anti-inflammatory formula boosted with potent antioxidants, Super B Complex infuses skin with moisture to quench your thirsty skin and prevent dehydration. Created to deliver radiant results, Super B Complex is the key to unlocking a glowing complexion.

  • super C complex 15mL (new formula!)

asap super C complex combines a high concentration of Vitamin C (as L-ascorbic acid) with powerful antioxidants; Pycnogenol, Coenzyme Q10 and Olive Extract to help protect the skin from pigmentation, environmental stress, reduce the signs of ageing and provide a bright, clear and even skin tone.

  • radiance serum 15mL

This supercharged renewal serum resurfaces the skin with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Beta-Hydroxy Acids, and Peptides. This potent complex stimulates cell turnover as it promotes the production of collagen and elastin, helping to firm the skin and protect against visible signs of ageing. This one-two punch of a formula gets skin in tip-top shape, plumping, smoothing, and rejuvenating skin for a truly stunning complexion.

  • firming eye lift 15mL

A powerful eye treatment with visible results to help you look fresh, while you treat the signs of ageing. No need to choose between what you target, asap firming eye lift is a complete eye cream that firms, smoothes, fades darkness and reduces puffiness.

  • DNA renewal treatment 30mL (full size)

Formulated with unique technologies that target the biological and environmental elements of premature aging, asap’s DNA Renewal Treatment supports and maintains key structures in the skin, repairing cellular DNA damage and protecting skin from future damage.

  • liquid platinum 50mL

asap liquid platinum works overtime as an overnight regenerative treatment, doing the hard work while you rest your wearing limbs and catch some ZZZ’s. You’ll wake up the next morning with brighter, firmer and more refined skin thanks to a hefty dose of a powerful AHA complex that includes Glycolic Acid.

How do I use asap Ultimate Platinum Collectio?

Morning skin routine post cleansing:
1. Super C Complex
2. Super B Complex
3. DNA Renewal Treatment
4. Firming Eye Lift
5. Prescribed ASAP Moisturiser
NOTE: super B and super C may be mixed prior to application. Always apply sunscreen as part of your daily skincare routine.
Evening skin routine post cleansing:
1. Liquid Platinum OR Radiance Serum
2. Super A+ Serum
3. Super B Complex
4. Firming Eye Lift
5. DNA Renewal Treatment
6. Prescribed ASAP Moisturiser
NOTE: super A+ serum may be mixed with super B complex prior to application

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