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There’s not a lot we can get done while we’re sleeping – it is our body’s time to rest, after all.
But our friends at asap have other ideas about night time productivity, and they’ve done the hard yards for us.

Their latest offering, asap liquid platinum works overtime as an overnight regenerative treatment, doing the hard work while you rest your wearing limbs and catch some ZZZ’s. You’ll wake up the next morning with brighter, firmer and more refined skin thanks to a hefty dose of a powerful AHA complex that includes Glycolic Acid.

What will be the effects of asap liquid platinum on my skin?

Skin looks brighter and more even.
Skin barrier function is strengthened through extra hydration.
Pigmentation and sun damage appearance is reduced.
The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is minimised.
Skin feels and appears firmer and more hydrated.
Products applied after have increased penetration due to a low pH delivery system.

What skin types is asap liquid platinum suitable for?

asap liquid platinum is suitable for all skin types, although those with very sensitive skin may like to patch test prior to use to test skins tolerance for glycolic acid.

How do I use asap liquid platinum?

Thoroughly cleanse skin and pat dry. Apply to face, neck and décolletage using a cotton pad moistened with the solution. Leave to absorb into the skin, do not rinse. Follow with asap serums and moisturisers as prescribed by your asap skincare professional. Apply 2-3 times per week or more frequently if tolerated

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